Slate Digital : Virtual Console Collection (MAC)

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[mpc_vc_deco_header type=”h2″ text=”Introducing Virtual Console Collection”]

Despite the digital revolution in the audio industry, many of today’s top commercial albums are still mixed on analog consoles. Audio engineers rely on analog mixing to provide the nonlinear musical qualities that digital mixing does not produce. “When you mix through an analog desk you get this life and body to the sound that just doesn’t happen when you mix inside the workstation. The separation and imaging from the analog summing is very apparent, especially when your track count gets high” remarks mixer Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Evanescence).


The Virtual Console Collection consists of two plugins: Virtual Channel and Virtual Mixbuss, both of which allow the user to choose from one of five modeled consoles. Virtual Channel is applied on individual mixing channels, and Virtual Mixbuss is intended to be placed on the first insert of the master fader. Virtual Console Collection allows your DAW to take on the personality of a real analog mixing desk, improving the imaging and depth and making instruments sit better in the frequency spectrum. Mixing becomes easier and more musical, and you can even push the DAW faders up to find each mixer’s “sweet spot”.



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